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History of Acupuncture

Acupuncture as a healing art has been practiced in China for over 2,000 years, possibly even 4,000 years.

The Concept

Chinese medicine is based on the concept of natural balance: which most Americans know by the yin and yang. According to this theory, life takes place in the alternating rhythm of “yin” (darkness and rest) and “yang” (light and activity). This ebb and flow creates a cycle that we can observe in nature daily.

The proper balance of yin and yang allows the body to have a healthy flow of “qi” - life force. A disruption of qi disrupts the yin/yang balance and causes our various physical and psychological abnormalities.

All my friends are getting facelifts. I’m really into the natural lifestyle: eat vegan, do yoga every day. I’ve tried acupuncture 5 years ago for back pain. And then i heard about acupuncture for facial rejuvenation. Dr. Shmidt explained everything and I’ve been going to her for 7 sessions now. Wow! I feel 5 years younger and look too. Some people are afraid that it’s painful, but I knew it’s not. It’s like taking a nap and waking up young. Feel so beautiful - thank you Dr. Shmidt!

Anna A.,

Brooklyn, New York

The Rise of Acupuncture

Around 2nd century BC, the original definitive work on acupuncture, the Nei Jing identified all of the currently defined 12 regular channels as well as 135 bilateral acupoints. It overall described around 295 of the 670 acupoints that are currently accepted by the acupuncture community. The Nei Jing described how the channels interact, especially in terms of regulating the yin/yang balance and the flow of qi.

To this day, the study of acupuncture is based on those ancient principles, exploring all the different ways application of pressure to certain channels affects the balance and well-being of the body.

Dr. Natalia Shmidt


From her completion of the Advanced Acupuncture Program at the world-famous Botkin’s Hospital, Institute of Advancement in Medicine in Moscow to her becoming a New York State Licensed and National Board Certified Acupuncturist (NCCA), Dr. Shmidt has a uniquely deep and comprehensive understanding of acupuncture.

In 1989, she became one of the first students invited into the famous, one-of-a-kind Osteoreception program of Professor Yankovsky at the Institute of Clinical Medicine in Riga, Latvia. In this program - which draws students from as far as Australia - Dr. Shmidt learned to perform an extremely-effective acupuncture therapy. This allowed Dr.Shmidt to treat myopia (nearsighted) in children up to the age of 15 y.o., bronchial asthma, and joint disorders with a very high success rate.

As an Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist certified by Lincoln Hospital, she understands the nuances of using acupuncture to achieve definitive results for substance abuse patients.

Acupuncture relies on an intricate understanding of the internal working of the body, how everything is connected. It is the ultimate mastery of cause and effect. Expert acupuncturists, like Dr. Shmidt can apply pressure to a point on your body knowing exactly what beneficial effect this will have on a specific organ, for example.

Besides therapeutic applications, Dr. Shmidt is also expertly trained in facial lifting acupuncture. Understanding why certain applications of pressure result in skin improvements is part of Dr. Shmidt’s deep understanding of the principles and practical effects of acupuncture.

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