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Hypnotherapy for smoking addiction

If you’ve tried every nicotine patch, going cold turkey, avoiding any triggers that make you want to smoke - and still relapsed into “just one” that turned into a full pack - don’t be too hard on yourself. There is a reason tobacco is so addictive - nicotine. When you smoke tobacco, you rapidly absorb nicotine through the lungs, then into your bloodstream to circulate around your brain - all within 8 seconds of a puff.

The good news is that hypnosis has been used very effectively for smoking cessation. And it doesn’t have the health risks associated with nicotine patches or the painful withdrawal symptoms of quitting cold turkey. For hypnosis to have the greatest success on helping you quit smoking, a specially-trained hypnotherapist will unlock your subconscious to communicate the desired change in behavior. When the brain no longer craves nicotine, this powerful drug has no influence on you.

After all, it’s in your brain’s best interest to stay away from nicotine. That cigarettes harm - and even kill - is documented beyond any doubt. Smoking one pack a day puts one quart of tobacco tar into you lungs every year. The tar’s chemicals make your lungs lose elasticity - irreversibly destroying your lungs’ function, most often leading to lung cancer, which tends to spread to the rest of your body (which is why it’s a leading cause of death in the United States).

Dr. Shmidt’s extensive background in smoking cessation hypnosis includes the Smoking Cessation Specialist Certificate from the National Guild of Hypnosis. Throughout her specialized training and decades of practice, Dr. Shmidt intimately understands how nicotine addiction affects the brain - which parts, patterns, and processes are involved. Based on that expert knowledge and technical skill in hypnosis, she can rewire your neural pathways to reverse your behavior away from the need for a cigarette and towards a much more positive, calm, enjoyable state.

Hypnosis has long been accepted as a powerful way to quit smoking. The effectiveness of hypnosis in helping you quit smoking has even been noticed by Hollywood. Samuel Jackson, Ellen Degeneres, Drew Barrymore, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are all known to have quit smoking with the help of hypnosis. The process is the same for everyone who struggles to quit smoking. Your hypnotherapist will have a “conversation” with your brain, breaking the negative behaviors and thinking patterns that cause you to smoke.

During your hypnotherapy session, you will go into a deep, relaxed state during which your mind is more open to suggestion. Your brain will learn to attach a negative, undesirable association to the smell and feeling of cigarettes. The routine of “I want a cigarette” will change to one of wanting nothing to do with them. As such, you avoid the withdrawal symptoms typical of other smoking cessation methods. And you don’t subject yourself to any chemicals or hormones. You just don’t want to smoke anymore - you have no taste for it.

My very best wishes to you and yours. May this New Year be sweet, healthy and prosperous. And may your terrific work be a continued source of hope and happiness for people who need your help. You may remember my name and our summer sessions in 2015. I have not taken a single cigarette since then and most grateful for your help. If anybody told me before that I would be able to quit smoking with almost no suffering, I would be very surprised. What you've done after my 45 smoking years was a real miracle. Thanks!

Arkady R.,

Fairlawn, New Jersey

Let’s be clear - quitting smoking is not easy. It’s a very strong addiction. Hypnosis works best if you really want to quit. If you truly want to change, hypnosis - done by a properly trained professional - is the way to make that change happen. The beauty of hypnosis is that once your neurological network has been rewired against smoking - it sticks.

And this is the ultimate benefit of using hypnosis to quit smoking. You get to experience a new, more positive lifestyle, where nicotine is not a necessity. Quitting smoking gives you the obvious health benefits of being able to enjoy a nice run, not having yellow stains on your teeth, and not putting yourself at the risk of dying from lung cancer. On top of that, you’re no longer dependent on cigarettes for a kick - so you can be more relaxed and enjoy the world around you.

What I loved about Dr. Shmidt’s hypnosis is that it’s not just one session and that’s it. She stays with me, giving me a program, explaining the process, following up to make sure I don’t relapse. It’s the best support I’ve ever received. And the hypnosis is very effective.

Dave P.,

New York, New York

In practical terms Dr. Shmidt rewires your mind by "inserting" into your brain an "anti-nicotine psychic code" that convinces your subconscious to not have cravings for nicotine in the future. It switches your brain from wanting nicotine to having no desire for it. As mentioned above, this hypnosis relies on your willingness to overcome the bad habit of smoking. If you really want to quit, Dr. Shmidt’s hypnosis technique will reprogram your brain with a new code that installs in your brain a new set of habits. These habits will replace old habits - i.e. the desire for nicotine. Like a bad file being rewritten with a good one makes your computer run a lot better, so does hypnosis for smoking cessation gives you an opportunity to live a healthy, enjoyable life.

Dr. Natalia Shmidt


There is a reason so many people come to Dr. Shmidt for hypnotherapy after their other treatment options elsewhere have failed. With extensive training, certifications, and licensing in key areas of alcohol and smoking cessation, pediatric hypnosis, and thinner band hypnosis, she is able to achieve remarkable and consistent results in patients after only a few months of sessions.

Research has shown that, in those who are hypnotizable, hypnosis affects certain brain regions. As a result, hypnotherapy is able to openly examine - and modify - behaviors. This allows trained practitioners like Dr. Shmidt to improve people’s lives by reprogramming the brain into positive, quality of life enhancing behaviors.

The modification of behavior leads to a healthier lifestyle where positive actions happen naturally. This is the essence of Dr. Shmidt’s unique and powerful expertise.

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