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Hypnotherapy for stuttering

Even while at least 1% of the world’s population stutters, the American medical establishment not only doesn’t attempt to treat stuttering - but actually actively discourages treatment. This is very unfortunate and may wind up going down in history books as one of the great failures of therapeutic understanding.

I want to be crystal clear here: stuttering can be cured. I’ve done it with a number of patients. It’s also a myth that only children can be treated. I recently successfully treated a 73 year old client. The key to successful treatment of stuttering comes from a very unique and difficult technique - but an extremely effective one.

Stuttering is so difficult to treat because it’s rooted in psychotrauma. That’s why I always first use Parts Therapy before applying the special stuttering technique. Parts Therapy is a way to discover deep psychotrauma from your past that caused a part of your personality to block change (and thus lead you to bad habits when you really want to pursue healthy behaviors instead).

In practical terms, each sessions begins with me interviewing my client about his/her specific concerns. This also allows me to diagnose the client’s specific speech pathology problem. Then the Parts Therapy portion of hypnosis eliminates the primary cause of the speech impediment. This is a psychologically intense process that must be completed first. Then, a stuttering hypnotic method used exclusively by Dr. Shmidt results in your speech becoming clear, fluent, and confident.

Because communication is so central to our social and professional life, stuttering tends to have a devastating effect on self-confidence and the ability to succeed in society. That’s why the idea of giving up on the situation and just “accepting” stuttering as a fact of life is so horrifying. Not everyone can be treated for stuttering, but a consultation with Dr. Shmidt can determine if you’re a good candidate for treatment. So if you or someone you know suffers from stuttering, take the opportunity to get rid of this burden once and for all.

Dr. Natalia Shmidt


There is a reason so many people come to Dr. Shmidt for hypnotherapy after their other treatment options elsewhere have failed. With extensive training, certifications, and licensing in key areas of alcohol and smoking cessation, pediatric hypnosis, and thinner band hypnosis, she is able to achieve remarkable and consistent results in patients after only a few months of sessions.

Research has shown that, in those who are hypnotizable, hypnosis affects certain brain regions. As a result, hypnotherapy is able to openly examine - and modify - behaviors. This allows trained practitioners like Dr. Shmidt to improve people’s lives by reprogramming the brain into positive, quality of life enhancing behaviors.

The modification of behavior leads to a healthier lifestyle where positive actions happen naturally. This is the essence of Dr. Shmidt’s unique and powerful expertise.

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