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Improving Athletic Performance

An athlete faces a lot of pressure during competition. From screaming fans to trash-talking opponents, it’s all too easy to get distracted, lose concentration, and miss that one shot at victory. Competitive sports require an athlete to constantly make an extra push, but many athletes were raised - like the rest of us - to be nice and respectful. In sports, that’s often a big problem, preventing the athlete from dominating opponents and achieving victory.

Hypnosis taps into an athlete’s conscience to transform noise from being a distraction to becoming a source of concentration and empowerment. Suddenly, a screaming fan from the opposing team no longer intimidates the athlete, instead sparking a surge of confidence within him/her. The noise becomes an energy one needs to make that shot or move.

Hypnosis teaches the brain that it’s ok to dominate the opponent and seize the moment for victory. The process starts with Parts Therapy to find the core of what’s keeping the athlete from succeeding. Hypnotherapy helps the athlete overcome a natural reluctance to make a final push that will allow the athlete to achieve the best result in the moment of competition.

This hypnosis is particularly great for athletes facing individual pressure to succeed: boxers, wrestlers, tennis players, basketball players who get booed every time they’re up at the free throw line, golfers who require maximum concentration every time they’re up for a shot.

Dr. Natalia Shmidt


There is a reason so many people come to Dr. Shmidt for hypnotherapy after their other treatment options elsewhere have failed. With extensive training, certifications, and licensing in key areas of alcohol and smoking cessation, pediatric hypnosis, and thinner band hypnosis, she is able to achieve remarkable and consistent results in patients after only a few months of sessions.

Research has shown that, in those who are hypnotizable, hypnosis affects certain brain regions. As a result, hypnotherapy is able to openly examine - and modify - behaviors. This allows trained practitioners like Dr. Shmidt to improve people’s lives by reprogramming the brain into positive, quality of life enhancing behaviors.

The modification of behavior leads to a healthier lifestyle where positive actions happen naturally. This is the essence of Dr. Shmidt’s unique and powerful expertise.

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