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Sound is but a vibration

Everything around us is in constant motion, from planets themselves to the smallest of their inhabitants. Everyone and everything vibrates, thus producing a sound. The human ear is capable of perceiving sounds with frequencies from 20 to 20,000 vibrations per second, and thus it is only our souls that can hear the sounds of the Cosmos – "the music of the spheres."

However, even though we are not capable of perceiving all the sounds and vibrations of the Universe, they nevertheless remain accessible to us. These sounds that represent invisible potent forces may be used for treatment purposes on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Take music. Music comforts, consoles, elevates the spirit, puts us to sleep, helps us wake, and helps us to relax and have fun. Research has shown that there us no limit to the extent music may affect humans, and this impact may be calculated mathematically. Music may affect blood pressure, circulation, and pulse. Musical sounds may reduce body temperature and alleviate pain.

The human body is 80% water, which makes it a perfect sound conductor and resonator. Cells, molecules, atoms, glands, and organs are capable of absorbing and emitting sounds. While at rest, the brain vibrates at 8 cycles per second, attuning the body to musical octave and electromagnetic energy of the Earth and the Cosmos.

Sound therapy is based on touching one or several vibrating tuning forks to the body’s active trigger points, thus making the body and its organs vibrate with a certain frequency selected for each organ. This helps heal the body and the sound with the cosmic "music of the spheres."

Dr. Natalia Shmidt

Sound Therapist

Dr. Shmidt is the Director of the New York Center of Sound Healing, Educational and Training Division. Her fascination with sound and vibration therapy may go as far as her childhood love for music, with both her and her mother playing the piano. Dr. Shmidt’s research into sound healing included training at the Kairos Institute of Sound Healing and studying the Tuning Fork Therapy System.

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